Divina Milonga and Neo Divina Milonga


The milonga is an event where several people come together to dance tangos with each other. It is a place of social encounter and practice. It has its own rules of conduct and rituals. At DNA TANGO we have ten milongas per month. We ourselves are there to welcome, dance and share with our guests. The intimate and family atmosphere invites them to feel comfortable and happy.

Divina Milonga

Our traditional milonga is the most popular.
We dance Tango, Milonga and TangoVals.

Neo Divina Milonga

Here you can dance tango steps in a relaxed way
and to the rhythm of different music styles and tango fusion.

Special Milongas

We also have special Milongas in which we produce an artistic event.
World-renowned couples shows, orchestras and musicians
in general from the tango community.