Tango Klassen

Sol & Ese



In our classes, whether one-on-one or in groups, we mainly work on connecting with our body as well as our emotional awareness; with ourselves, the dance partner and our whole environment. Together with the music, the movement, the figures and the embellishments that make this dance so typical, we combine the different techniques and styles.


Beginner and intermediate

19:00 – 20:15

Neo Divina Milonga

20:30 – 23:00



19:00 – 20:00


20:00 – 21:15

Divina Milonga

21:30 – 00:30

Every first and third Saturday of the month


19:00 – 20:15

Divina Milonga

20:30 – 01:00

Tuition costs

25 Euro Per dancer
80 Euro Monthly ticket (x 4 lessons) per dancer
150 Euro (x 4 lessons) per dance couple
50 Euro Monthly ticket (x 4 lessons) per dance couple under 25 years

Milongas Costs

Monday Neo Divina Milonga 10 Euro

Thursday Divina Milonga 10 Euro

Saturday 12 Euro

Our body awareness

Our body awareness in dancing should consist of noticing and feeling every fiber of our body in the here and now. Attention is centered on our legs, feet, arms, hands, fingers, our center, chest and shoulders. In this awareness we understand how strength, relaxation, elasticity and breathing work. By correcting our posture we find the most elegant way to move.

Body awareness

Body awareness, also in relation to our respective dance partner, starting with the embrace and connection points and feeling the individual opposite. Exploring the two roles, feeling the music and creating our own dance through this.

Emotional awareness

Emotional awareness is every moment, every situation and every experience we have lived through, from birth to the present. All the joys, fears and each of the emotions we experience in the course of our lives leave a (mostly invisible) imprint in our body. As soon as we start with body awareness, thereby awakening and mobilizing certain emotions, enjoying through embrace and connection, we begin to heal these imprints with each other.

Emotional awareness

Emotional awareness gives us the opportunity to work on our own self-esteem. The transformation of people who start dancing tango is extraordinary and amazing. By correcting our posture with smoother and more elegant movements, we visibly refine our appearance. This leads to a very positive result in the way we feel and present ourselves to others, with more confidence and beauty.


Patience. A dance in which we are constantly learning, finding new challenges and goals. On the one hand we need patience with ourselves, because tango is deep and complex, and on the other hand we need patience with our dance partner. We all learn in different ways, but always together. The reward for this patience is the tango itself. For us, it is the most beautiful, intimate and expressive dance that you never stop learning.
This dance requires
Trust; devotion; perseverance.

We believe

We believe that in life everything we do is to reconnect with ourselves; with who/what we are and what makes us happy. Tango is a valuable tool to facilitate this journey.